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Fall Food from Moondog's

October 9, 2018

This post includes a little fall reflection as well as information about our current food availability! To cut to the chase, we are continuing on with our Friday Farmstand (although we may take a few weeks off here and there through the winter) and anyone can order online. We have some conditional delivery options available and lots of new unique treats coming down the pike, which will be available to order online.

 Dear Farm Friends,


This time of year, farm life revolves around the rain. As seed farmers, we have been hustling to bring as much of our ripening seed from the field into dry storage. We have pulled tarps of crisped plants into all the dry spaces of the farm. Coriander, zinnias and dry beans are all waiting to be threshed and winnowed. Several tons of squash crops sit, some destined for your pantry, others waiting to be cracked open for the seed inside.


But today’s downpour is a sweet allowance to rest and reflect on the year so far. We are tired, as farmers usually are this time of year, but maybe not so tired as years past. Though we are relieved that our main growing season has come to a close, we are already looking forward to next year, and are quietly tending a large winter garden full of delightful fresh roots and greens.


For us, winter is a very contemplative time. It is a natural time to reevaluate personal goals and needs. It is also our major farm planning moment, when we determine the site plan for the following year, begin to purchase seed, and make infrastructure updates and improvements.


Growing tasty, seasonal produce is something we love to do and that we will continue to provide our community. We love having access to a diversity of the highest quality vegetables and find it to be a rewarding and valuable resource to share with neighbors, friends, and family. However — it’s not the ‘bread and butter’ of the farm’s economics, and we plan to keep this farm enterprise an intimate one. To reflect this, we are going to dial back our summer production, but stretch our availability to be as year-round as possible. This plan is more of a homesteader’s approach, which is more true to our food identity, and will give us the time and space to develop our seed enterprises and several land management projects we have on the docket.


Moondog’s Moving Forward

  • We will continue to offer our Friday Farmstand at 735 Walnut Ave. in Eugene. Anyone can stop by to pick a selection of vegetables or our preserved goods.

  • We may pop-up here and there with other market booths!

  • Our online shop is now hosted at www.moondogsfarm.com/shop. Order the Farmer’s Choice, bulk foods, preserves, and more. Here you can arrange for delivery or pick-up your order at the Friday Farmstand.

  • Members with credit on their account can continue to “buy down” that credit with any Moondog’s product. [Member credit cannot be used on Tuna packs or things we get from other producers]

Forward and Onward!

Stay in touch and watch Moondog's Farm grow. Dan and I are actively designing a farm to fit our sensibilities as community members, land stewards, and food producers. We see much possibility in the future and are slowly but surely building a beautiful agricultural eco-system. The last few years have been a consistent learning experience and adventure — not without struggle. 


But finally, our production system seems more or less stable and like it fits our scale and resources. Our next priority is to further refine our market niche. We plan to do more commercial seed production and are considering herbal products like milky oats and tulsi for tea. We await the maturity of our diverse apple orchard (planted in February 2018) which has been dry-farmed to increase the fruit's flavor and the tree's resilience. This spring we hope to add a flock of poultry into the mix! Chicken eggs will become available as soon as our flock matures.


Please join us on our journey and enjoy good food and good company. Never hesitate to contact us directly with any questions or suggestions.


Lastly, thanks to you for joining us on this journey and for supporting local food and local seed.



Shelley Nicole











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