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How farming is like cake (we'll eat it, too!)

May 27, 2018


Dear Farm Member,


With great joy and tenderness, we bring you our first harvest of the year! Spring has been sweet to us, and we brim with gratitude for our budding community and hardworking crew members. Earlier this month, we completed the monumental seasonal transition from fields of clover cover crop to bare, tilled earth. This is the canvas of our diet.


Our work is like a layer cake. At the foundational layer, we steward the soil and the fertility beneath our feet. Another layer is the careful nurturing of our vegetable plants from seedlings, through planting and pest pressures. We also work diligently to preserve the freshness of your food for flavor, and pay special attention to sanitation and food safety. Lastly, we aspire for professionalism, running all the daily tasks that a small business requires while looking towards a financially secure future in trade for our labor of love.


Needless to say, it is the community that holds this cake together. Everyone contributes, either by hoeing a row, or committing a portion of their paycheck. This community cares about local food, farmland, the wild ecosystems that our farms depend on, and the wellbeing of farmers themselves! This is the icing on the cake. Thank you.


In gratitude,

Shelley Nicole


REMINDER! Availability will be sent out each weekend. The order deadline is end of the day Tuesday (midnight) for Friday delivery/pick-up.


News and notes

  • Save the Date! Sunday, June 10th: Open Farm Day (and potluck)

    • We have tentatively scheduled an Open Farm Day at Moondog’s. More info to come.

  • Instead of bulky boxes or plastic totes, we’ve decided to deliver food to you in canvas produce totes! But did we go and purchase canvas bags? Of course not! With the help of some very talented friends, Moondog’s has handmade canvas totes, made in Eugene, Oregon! We’ll be rolling these bags out over the next few weeks.

    • Each member will be designated two bags, which will be swapped out each week. Remember to bring your bag with you when picking up produce, or leave it on your porch in the case of deliveries.

    • To keep track of our bags, we are charging a $15 deposit for each one. (It’s fine with us if you want to keep them!) This charge will be reflected on your account, and will be returned at the end of the year.

  • We’re still working out some kinks in our online order system. Please send any feedback or comments to moondogsfarm@gmail.com.

  • A statement reflecting this week’s order will be emailed to you very soon!

  • Additionally, we still have some spots open in our membership. If you know of anyone who might like to become a farm member, pass the word along!










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