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Moondog's moves from a standard CSA to a flexible "buy-down" style membership.

April 11, 2018

Dan and I started growing food at Moondog's Farm in the spring of 2016 with an inspired vision and an ambitious five-year plan. One of our core values is increasing the availability and the diversity of good food in our community — something that we've been getting better at year by year. 


More choice more better!

After talking with our community members, we came to feel that the first CSA format we marketed (from early March to now) was too rigid and would essentially limit who could join our CSA. Many of our friends and "farmily" who would like to support Moondog's also grow some of their own produce and would not want overlapping items from their CSA, that are also coming out of their gardens. 


Plus, options are good. Creating a CSA box that fits everybody's personal taste and culinary needs is impossible. A great example is greens. Our two most common complaints from last year's fall CSA were: 

  1. You gave me too many greens 

  2. More greens, please! 


Our new flexible format will allow members to order exactly what they want based on the farm's produce availability. We imagine that this will also reduce waste — and lead to less cilantro rotting in the fridge.


However, for those members who love the experience of receiving a pre-set box of veggies and don't want to place an order every week, we will offer a "Farmer's Choice" box. That means that we will curate a mix of our best produce (5-8 items) like a standard CSA box. Farmer's Choice boxes will be available in small or large. 


What will our membership program actually look like, then? 

From May 25 through October, we will be sending farm members an availability sheet (via email). A easy ordering mechanism within the email will allow members to select the items they would like to receive that week. Orders will be due by midnight on Tuesday. We harvest based on these orders and will have your produce ready for pick-up or delivery each Friday. Some more details:

  • If Friday doesn't work for you to pick-up, you can swing by anytime on Monday. We'll keep your order fresh.

  • Members can also order larger quantities of produce for home preservation projects.

  • Our Friday Farmstand will also be stocked with produce for members to add to their order (although pre-ordering is the only guarantee of availability). 

How does payment work? 

Just like any Community Supported Agriculture program, our farm relies on initial spring investment from our members to help pay for our season's expenses. The CSA movement is a revolutionary way for eaters to ensure that their farms — and farmers — are able to do what they do best. 


By paying for your year's supply of produce at the beginning of the season, you are entering into a unique and symbiotic relationship with your farmer. We depend on our members and are honored to be your farmer.


Interested in joining us? Find out more details on pricing on our website.

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